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Wind chill

You will learn about: winter weather and exponents.

If you go outside when it's cold (below 5°C) and windy, you probably noticed that it feels colder than what the temperature says it is. This is because cold air is passing around your body, lowering your body's temperature and making you feel colder. The wind chill index $T_{wc}$ quantifies the apparent temperature you feel using the formula $$ T_{wc} = 13.12 + 0.6215T_a - 11.37v^{0.16} + 0.3965T_av^{0.16} $$ where $T_a$ is the temperature of the air and the $v$ is the wind speed.

Input: The air temperature $T_a$ in Celcius (°C) and the wind speed $v$ in kilometers per hour.

Output: The wind chill factor $T_{wc}$.


Input temperature: -25 Input wind speed: 30 Output wind chill index: -39.09
 Difficulty  Timesink
 Function wind_chill(T_a, v)

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  • When it is hot and humid, it might feel warmer that what the temperature says it is due to high humidity. In this case the heat index and humidex can quantify the apparent temperature but it's more complicated to calculate.

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